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How does UrbanClap make business?

Handyman services are an upcoming on demand business model for startups. Now we are going to elaborate more about their functional features and how they generate their revenue from the application. Read More

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desun technology blogger Arghya Dutta

16 Nov 2022


desun technology blogger Arghya Dutta

16 Nov 2022


How does UrbanClap make business?

Handyman Services are an upcoming on demand business model for start-ups. Now we are going to elaborate more about their functional features and how they generate their revenue from the application.

Nowadays everyone wants to get online quick home services for all-in-one within their budget and as well as their nearby location at home. Just Like – Professional Make-up artist, home cleaner, pest controller, sofa cleaners, carpenters, car-cleaners, plumbers, technicians, painter, etc.

If you are a professional startup or small business service provider then you can reach the seekers through popular Home-Service Applications and connect with the local audience by showing your services online.

Before knowing how UrbanClap Clone App Script makes business, first we need to know the business model of UrbanClap Clone App

What is an UrbanClap Clone App ?

UrbanClap Clone App – is the only platform that connects with both consumers and professional startup, small business service providers. On the other hand we can say It is an all-in-one platform for various at-home services. The app can be used to hire professionals for almost all at-home services, from professional beauticians to sofa cleaners, carpenters, car-cleaners, painters, technicians, Pest controllers, interior designers, etc.

  • Facilities of UrbanClap Clone App Script
  • The Business Strategy of UrbanClap App
  • Most important features of UrbanClap Clone business
  • Which services are provide by UrbanClap Clone App

Now let’s know about How does UrbanClap Clone App Script make business –

  • The primary source of Revenue Generation is Charging Commissions – UrbanClap Clone App, ensures safety by ensuring that all the service providers are police verified and background checked. UrbanClap follows two main models as follows –
    • 1. Fixed Charged Services
    • 2. Services Without Fixed Charges
  • UrbanClap clone business generates their huge revenue from a commission-based approach
  • Lead generation – is also considered as the second most effective way for revenue generation from UrbanClap clone business.
  • Also using UrbanClap Clone app you can make money from Advertisements,Like – Service providers, businesses, and manufacturers run their advertisements through the UrbanClap platform in exchange for advertising fees.
  • Generate revenue from Reverse Auction method – A service provider can pay a fixed amount to promote their skills using the UrbanClap platform. The company, in exchange for capital, helps service providers to improve their conversions and lead generations.

Conclusion –

Urbanclap Clone App Scripts have leveraged technology to solve the basic issue of the modern lifestyle, the want for home-delivered everything. While it provides a wide variety of services to every user, some services are more popular than others. Simply, Urbanclap Clone app scripts is an Online Platform for Customers to determine the best Skilled and Experienced Professionals in the Service Application, be like – beauticians, wedding planner, interior designer, yoga instructor, etc.
The main perspective of UrbanClap Clone is – “It connects online users to offline business providers in a nearby location’’.

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