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Do you intend to establish a similar educational platform like UrbanPro? You are in the ideal location to launch your firm in the education sector within a week.

What features does our UrbanPro Clone Script app offer?
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The UrbanProClone App

Would you like to start your own educational platform similar to UrbanPro? In the education sector, you are in the ideal location to launch your firm within a week.
With the aid of a MySQL database and the most recent tech stack, we design and create UrbanPro clones that are similar to Yii Framework. The programme has a number of services that can be offered to satisfy the requirements of tutors, organisations, students, and parents.

What features does our UrbanPro Clone Script app offer?


User android App For both parents & students


Tutor/institute android app


Web platform for all user


Strong admin panel


User iOS App

Some of UrbanPro Clone's key characteristics

  • desun-technology-urbanpro-software

    Management of Subscriptions for Institutions, Teachers, and Students

  • desun-technology-urbanpro-software

    Leads Management

  • desun-technology-urbanpro-software

    Search for local student queries

  • desun-technology-urbanpro-software

    Use screen sharing to conduct online classes

  • desun-technology-urbanpro-software

    Management of classes and automatic attendance

  • desun-technology-urbanpro-software

    Distributing class notes

  • desun-technology-urbanpro-software

    Online exams for students

  • desun-technology-urbanpro-software

    Safe payment collecting

How does the UrbanPro Clone app work?

The UrbanPro clone app assists your instructor or institution in obtaining appropriate student leads who are searching locally for tuition assistance for any given class or subject. Therefore, kids or parents can visit your platform and submit their query, and the UrbanPro clone script will assist them in finding a teacher who is qualified.

How does the UrbanPro Clone Script generate revenue?

  • Using UrbanPro Clone Script, you can create revenue for your company from two sources, such as -
    • a) A teacher or organisation may be charged a subscription fee;
    • b) You can charge a parent or student in order to promptly connect them with a certified teacher.
  • You can expand your business by running ads on social media or search engines to attract more users to download your app.
  • By requesting an additional payment from tutors and institutions to boost the visibility of their sponsored listings, you may also make money from them.
  • Using the UrbanPro Clone Script in affiliate marketing, you can expand your company in two ways -
    • a) You can promote your company on a website with a comparable platform;
    • b) In a similar vein, you can advertise another platform like it on your website.

Want to see your ideas come Alive?

We are avilable to discuss for your project 12/7.Once we have an alignment about the details of the project you are invited to see your requirement designed in front of your eyes at our development centre. Interact with our project manager developer designer regarding your platform we will help you with our idea to start with your Journey.

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