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  • UX/UI
  • Branding
  • Visual
  • Interactive
  • Graphic


desun technology development
  • Website
  • WordPress
  • ReactJs
  • Mobile Apps
  • Software


Desun Technology Strategy
  • Content
  • Influencer
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  • SEO
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Why Hire From Desun Tech

Desun Technology's development and consulting services are fully equipped with the knowledge and experience that will help you make your business successful. With our decade of technical expertise in a wide range of web technologies, you can be confident in our ability to deliver a premium solution within your budget.

We are not only a development farm, but also a consulting firm that strives to transfer our knowledge to our clients in order for them to be able to apply it to their businesses with successful strategies and make them profitable.

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Our Development Plans

Plus Plan

Plus Plan

Formerly dedicated Part-Time Developer

Prefered for those who still require support or enhancement throughout the month

  • No Hidden Fees
  • Shared Development
  • Managed Monthly Plan
  • Flexible environment
  • 80 hrs/month (4 hrs/weekday)
    Available: 11AM-7PM IST
  • Emergency Support 18/5
  • Upgrade or Cancel Anytime
  • 55,000/Month
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Premium Plan

Premium Plan

Formerly dedicated Full-Time Developer

Ideal for business who want to develop project from scratch

  • No Hidden Fees
  • Dedicated Development
  • Flexible environment
  • Managed Monthly Plan
  • 160 hrs/month (8 hrs/weekday)
    Available: 2AM-10AM IST
  • Emergency Support 18/5
  • Upgrade or Cancel Anytime
  • 96,000/ Month
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Custom Plan*

Custom Plan*

Only available for large projects

Got a large project but want to keep your costs in sight? Hire our team on the fixed price model!

  • Non Flexible environment
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Fixed Price per Project
  • Changes Incur Additional Cost
  • Payment in Milestones
  • Upgrade Anytime
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Our Development Plans

Client Reviews

desun technology client review abir
Abir Chandra
Co founder & CEO
Instareview and Parental Care
desun technology client review manish
Manish Singh
Founder of UYA Egypt and Universal Yoga
desun technology client review jyoti
Jyoti Singh
Founder of JYS and UYSF
desun technology client review funtoo
Subhash Gounder
Associate partner of Life Science Trust

How We Work

desun technology research

Research Project

We examine your mutually understood requirements and talk about your future potential with you.

desun technology planing


According to our study paper's step-by-step blueprint, we mapped out how to carry out the job.

desun technology execution


To move things forward to the next level, we begin establishing functional operations such as design logic and everything else.

desun technology execution


Upon completion of the development process, we compile the entire product, analyse it, provide bug reports, and fix them.

desun technology testing


In order to guarantee that our customers receive a product that is completely error-free, we compile a testing report before going live.

desun technology result


We delivered our product to the consumer, who used it to launch their own company and achieve success.

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