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Create an online app marketplace with UrbanClap Clone to connect users with professional local service providers to acquire all home-based services with a few taps. We provide a pre-built, white-labeled solution that can help you launch your venture in three days or less.

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Urban Company Clone: Launch Your On-Demand Multi-Service App

According to statistics, on-demand service applications are gaining attention for the convenience that they provide in everyday life. Home-based service providers, in addition to taxi and food delivery services, are profitable. They're making a lot of money. Many entrepreneurs are getting into home service app development because user growth is increasing and the field appears to be less competitive.

Getting an UrbanClap Clone is a viable option if you intend to offer commercial home services such as plumbing, electrical, carpentry, cleaning, at-home beauty services, fitness services, or decoration services. With over 10 years of app development experience, our developers will create the best app for your new venture based on your specifications.


What Kinds of Business Models Do We Provide in Our Package?

Whether you are a service aggregator or a startup looking to provide on-demand home services, we have you covered with our feature-rich Urban clone script, robust admin panel, and easily accessible features that allow you to manage your operations even if you lack technical expertise. All you need to do is select the appropriate business model and get started.

  • Home Service Businesses

    With a few swipes and taps, you can manage and offer your home service businesses to your nearby customers. The powerful dashboard can handle everything from staff management to booking.

  • Multi-service Aggregator App

    Develop an app that connects users with trusted professionals when they need it to become a multi-service business provider.

  • Single-Service Aggregator App

    If you want to offer a single dedicated service to your customers, such as handyman, car wash, beauty services, laundry, cleaning, and repair, this model can help you.

Features of urbanclap clone

Consumer Login

Allows users to log into the app in a secure and straightforward manner.

Listings at a Glance

Allows your customer to search for their requirements by entering their preferred date range.

Booking Acceptances

Customers will be notified of their instant booking status once it has been approved by the service provider.

Support for Payment Gateways

Assists customers in making payments through the integrated payment gateways.

Login for Service Providers

Service providers can immediately login through social platforms and begin listing their services.

Booking Approvals in Seconds

Before booking confirmation, providers can review and approve the customer's profile.

Why should you buy Urbanclap Clone app from us?

Unlike other service providers, we offer a suite of premium features to help you manage and control your business with guaranteed security and reliability.

Multi-payment Choices

This feature enables you to accept both cash and cashless payments, allowing your customers to benefit from the flexibility of your service.

Options for Customization

Because the app is built on a white-labeled solution, customization will be a breeze. Clients can rebrand their websites at any time by changing logos, interfaces, and so on.

Locate Providers in Your Area

With this feature integration, you can assist customers in finding service providers in less time, resulting in higher quality service.

Notifications via Push

To keep your users engaged, notify them of new offers and arrivals. This feature can help you improve customer friendliness.


Maintaining good navigation in the app allows your customers to use it comfortably. We provide this with the utmost efficiency.

Others on demand app business


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We also have our taxi booking system just like ola and uber


Food Delivery

We also have our food delivery system just like Swiggy and Zomato


Grocery Delivery

Checkout our Grocery delivery solution just like Groforce & Bigbasket


Tuition Service

Connect teacher and student and coaching center all together in a single market place and launch your business like UrbanPro.


Meet Delivery

Meet Delivery Solution is also come under on demand service using our pack you can launch your business few days


Milk Delivery

We do provide milk delivery solution


We are delighted to help you begin your entrepreneurial journey with us. We can help you determine how to implement your ideas in your business and also guide you in the right direction for launching your business to success once we know what they are. You are invited to see your requirements designed right before your eyes at our development center. Interact with our project manager, coordinator, and designer regarding your platform.

Want to Consultation to kick start your On-Demand Business?

What Does Our Urbanclap Clone Package Include?

  • Customer App
  • Service Provider App
  • Admin Panel
Native Apps

Customers will be able to request services via iOS and Android apps with a few simple taps.

Easy Registration

Customers can begin using social logins instead of entering personal information manually.

Profile Management

Users have the ability to manage their profiles. Users can manage their necessary details.

Browse Services

Allows the customer to get a quick overview of all the services available in the app.

Search Option

Users of the app can conduct a more in-depth search by including filters such as costs, ratings

Submit Request

Customers can use this to view the available service details and request if they are interested.

Feedback Form

Allows the user to answer a series of questions in order to get better results for enhancement.

Schedule Service

With this feature, you can provide your customers with a flexible service that allows them to obtain services at their convenience.


Customers will be notified of real-time service updates such as approval requests, order confirmation, and so on.

Uninterrupted Payments

Handle secure payments via multiple payment gateways, while accepting both cash and cashless payments.

Engageable UI

To provide an exceptional user experience, an intuitive and easily navigable interface will be provided.

Tech Support

All end users will receive pre- and post-support, such as in-app FAQs, tutorials, help queries, and so on.

Smart Registration

Allows service providers to register quickly and easily during login.

Profile Approval

Once the profile has been approved by the administrator, it allows providers to begin their service operations.

Instant Notification

New requests and queries will be notified to service providers via email, texts, and push notifications.

Requests Approval

Providers can review, accept customer requests, and approve once the service is placed.

Manage Availability

Providers have the ability to set and manage their available time to provide services to customers.

In-app Communication

This in-app feature aids in the improvement of communication between seekers and providers.

Add Payment Details

Providers can enter their payment account information to assist customers in completing a smooth transaction.

Other Costs

Providers can use this to include their extra costs in the final charges for the service.

Service Records

With this feature, professionals can see their customers' upcoming service requests as well as completed services.


Customers' feedback can help providers ensure the quality of their service, which can help them improve.

Robust Dashboard

You can easily manage all operations thanks to a technologically advanced admin dashboard.

Manage Service Providers

You can easily manage service provider profiles; you can add or remove them based on your screening procedures.

Profile Verifying

Process profile verification process by screening documents from the panel.

Service Listings Management

Using this feature, you can keep track of all the services and their details, categories, pricing, and so on.

Manage Service Requests

This enables you to manage all service requests and assign providers based on them.

Manage Payments

With this tool, you can create a precise list of commission rates and view dues and amounts to be settled.

Run Promotions

Provide promo codes, discounts, and free trials for your services, and track how well they are used.

Manage Ads

Allowing third-party ads on your applications allows you to manage and run your revenue.

Maintain Notifications

Update and manage your SMS, email, and alert notification settings.

Manage Reviews

To maintain and know your performance, respond to, flag, and manage your customer feedback.

Reporting & Analytics

Analyze your analytics and data points by viewing your administration to make informed decisions for your business.

Want to see your ideas come Alive?

We are available to discuss your project 24X7. Once we have an agreement about the details of the project, you are invited to see your requirements designed in front of your eyes at our development center. Interact with our project manager, developer, and designer regarding your platform, and we will help you with our ideas to start your journey.

Your privacy is guaranteed.

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